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Basic things to know about your trip to Cuba

Your sponsoring ministry will supply details of your specific guidelines to travel under their license. The following information is universal to all participants, no matter what type of visa they are flying under. Thank you for letting us serve your needs! We also serve those traveling in groups to other destinations, so feel free to fill out the online form here to request a customized group. Also, if you seek Biblical teaching tours or cruises visit Living

Luggage: You are allowed 44 Lbs. free of charge. After 44 Lbs., every pound will be charged at $2. Every bag will be charged $20.00. Boxes will be charged at $3 per pound, plus its $20.00.

You are allowed one carry-on on board the airplane with the maximum dimensions: 24”long x17”wide X 10”tall.

Personal Item: You are allowed one personal item on board the airplane, such as: A briefcase, a computer bag, a back pack, etc. This personal item must fit under the seat. MIA security personnel will not let you into TSA with more than two personal items, including cameras bags. The personal item will be weighed, and will be charged $2 per pound.
Returning from Cuba: You will be responsible for the Departure Cuban Taxes. 25 CUC payable after you check-in in Habana. Liquids: TSA rules apply: One Ziploc with three liquids or gels dispensers, with a maximum of 3 Oz. per container. U.S. regulations do not allow you to bring back any souvenirs, alcohol or Cuban cigars. You may purchase art, music, books, or any informational material.